Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Loose Diamonds Are The Way

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Loose diamonds are on sale!! You can find loose diamonds for sale from a variety of loose diamonds. Diamonds can be bought in bulk. Owing to its different colors, sizes, and shapes it is gaining in popularity. People can go for loose diamonds for sale and can choose a diverse range of them which are effectively priced.

You find a whole range of loose diamonds ranging in shapes, sizes, and colors. Different styles are applied to the loose diamonds for sale in order to attract customers. The most important advantage of buying loose diamonds is that they can be brought directly from the manufacturers and owners. You can save nearly 30 percent of your money thereby reducing your cost.

When you buy loose diamonds, make sure that it has got the 4 Cs-- cut, color, clarity, and carat. These four aspects of grading a loose diamond allow a buyer to decide its worth. The radiance of the diamond is enhanced by its cuts. So the buyer needs to focus on its cuts before buying them.

Clarity determines the flaws in the diamond. It is judged by the number, color, type, size, and position of inclusion it carries. It is always important to choose the wholesale loose diamond that has fewer inclusions.

Loose diamonds for sale are available on the Internet too. There are many websites through which you can make a search for loose diamonds. It is always preferable to have a look at the real stone first instead of buying online. The glow and radiance can be seen only when you see the diamond in a close view. Get loose diamonds and add it to your necklace or favorite jewelry.
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Loose Diamonds, Ideal Cut Diamonds, Hearts and Arrows Diamonds

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If you are shopping for loose diamonds, be prepared to spend some time researching the subject. There are many variables that determine quality, value and prices of loose diamonds. Some you can control, others are based solely on market conditions and supply and demand.

GIA & AGS Certified Loose Diamonds, Matching Diamonds, Conflict Free Diamonds, Hearts and Arrows Diamonds, Diamond Education & Real Diamond Pictures.
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Loose Diamond Appraisal

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Generally used for insurance purposes, Loose Diamond appraisals are incredibly useful in estimating the value of a particular stone, whether loose, mounted or used in jewelry. While the value of a Loose Diamond can change considerably over time, the estimate is used as a general guideline to determine the replacement value if it were to be stolen.

When purchasing a diamond appraisal, it’s important to avoid in-house appraisals because the value is often overestimated, making the estimate essentially worthless in determining the replacement value of your stone. When choosing a Loose Diamond appraiser it’s important that the company be legitimate, unbiased and independent from any jewelry store or wholesaler. For potential Loose Diamond buyers who would like to insure their Loose Diamond, a Loose Diamond appraisal certificate is absolutely essential.
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Loose Diamond Grading Part 3

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In the diamond business, bigger does not always mean better when it comes to Carats.

The weight of the Loose Diamond is measured in carats, and one carat is divided into 100 points. Furthermore, one carat is also equal to 1/5 of a gram. For example, a diamond with 75 points would weigh .75 carats. For diamond graders, determining carat weight is the easiest of the 4 C’s to figure out; however, if two Loose Diamonds had equal carat weight, that doesn’t mean their values are the same. Carat weight may be important to those who appreciate a larger Loose Diamond, but as far as the quality of the gemstone, carat weight doesn’t have anything to do with that.

As a matter of fact, quality Loose Diamonds can be found in all shapes and sizes regardless of the assigned carat weight. Skilled Loose Diamond graders usually assign Loose Diamond carat weights ranging from .3 carats all the way up to 8 carats and possibly beyond. When choosing a Loose Diamond, it’s important to note how the entire gemstone looks as far as color, clarity and cut and finally carat weight.
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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Loose Diamond Grading Part 2

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To find a diamond without any flaws heightens the value of the stone. To determine the clarity of a stone, skilled Loose diamond graders view the Loose Diamond under 10-power magnification to view the gem up close and personal and make note of any surface flaws they find. The goal when purchasing a Loose diamond is to look for the highest clarity possible, because the fewer blemishes there are the more brilliant the Loose Diamond will be. A lot of inclusions will interfere with light passing through the diamond, thereby dulling its brilliance.

When grading for clarity, Loose Diamonds are rated from “completely flawless” to “noticeably imperfect.” A diamond that’s completely flawless is a rarity and significantly increases the value of the gem. When looking for a Loose Diamonds to purchase, keep in mind that the clarity will affect the radiance and sparkle of the stone. Lower clarities means a duller stone, while a higher clarity means the stone reflects light very well, thus enhancing the overall sparkle and brilliance of the diamond.
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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Loose Diamond Grading

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Before a diamond can be deemed suitable for purchasing, the Loose Diamonds are put through extensive tests to determine that it’s authentic prior to receiving a grading certificate. There are several things a Loose Diamond will be graded on, including cut, clarity, color and carat weight. The following guide aims to explain what each of these mean as well as the importance behind Loose Diamond grading.

A well cut Loose Diamond determines how the naked eye views the brilliance of the stone and enables the diamond to reflect light much better than a poorly cut Loose Diamond could. It’s important when choosing a diamond that you never underestimate the importance of the cut. A skilled Loose Diamond cutter can create a work of art with each stone, and regardless of the shape of the diamond a poorly cut stone will leave the diamond dull and lifeless.

With Loose Diamond grading, each stone gets a cut rating ranging from excellent to poor. The height versus depth ratio (referred to as depth percentage) as well as the top of the stone versus the width (the table percentage) are all proportioned by the cut of the diamond. Essentially, the cut is what makes the stone. Proportion, angle and reflection are all important aspects when considering the cut of a Loose Diamond. While each facet of the cut are far above what we can see with our naked eyes, a well-cut stone reflects the utmost in quality and value for the buyer.
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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Loose Diamond History

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Revered as the ultimate symbol of love and wealth, Loose Diamonds have had an incredibly unique history from the first discovery until today. While nobody truly knows who were the first to discover Loose Diamonds, they were said to first appear about 3,000 years ago in India where Loose Diamonds were first mined. Several Sanskrit texts have validated this theory, where the diamond was referred to as “vajra” or thunderbolt. The name makes sense, because not only were diamonds used for decorative purposes but also as a protective talisman to ward off evil. These descriptions of the precious gem appear to date back to about the 4th century BCE.

Interestingly enough, the word Loose Diamonds was closely linked to the term “adamas” throughout the Mediterranean; however, it’s difficult to establish the time period this name association took place. Consequently, during the 13th century the Loose Diamond began to take on regal tones, appearing in jewelry and decorative items throughout Europe. Around this time, Louis IX of France (1214-1270) decreed that diamonds were reserved only for the king, which described their rarity and wealth status then. Eventually, the Loose Diamond appeared in royalty for both men and women and by the 17th century, wealthy merchant classmen were appearing with Loose Diamonds here and there.
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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Loose Diamond Guide

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Diamond grading certificates are also essential when purchasing loose diamonds, and our guide enables potential buyers to learn to distinguish between the different types of certificates and why you should receive one. You’ll also become educated on the basics of Loose Diamond appraisal and when it might be a good idea as a customer to purchase one. Loose Diamond care is covered extensively throughout our guide so you’ll be aware of the proper way to care for your investment.

If that wasn't enough, fancy colored loose diamonds and the history behind them are presented to you on our website in easy to understand articles for your reading pleasure. We've also presented to you information about the process of diamond cutting, as well as what happens to your diamond from the time it's obtained from the mine to the final product. Whether you're a budding loose diamond enthusiast or just want to brush up on your expertise, our website has compiled the most extensive research you can find on the information you need to know before investing in loose diamonds.
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Loose Diamond Education

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This website aims to guide you through the basics of purchasing loose diamonds and arm you with all of the information you need to choose the perfect diamond for your special someone. The articles you'll find here are a wealth of information and well-researched material that will educate potential diamond buyers on everything they need to know before they open their wallets.

First and foremost, you'll learn about the extensive history behind the diamond and how it came to be revered among jewelry connoisseurs everywhere. You’ll also be informed about the diamond grading process which includes cut, clarity, color and carat weight. If you’ve never understood the difference between various diamond shapes and cuts, you will now with our informative articles detailing the oval diamond to the marquise and everything in between.
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Monday, September 28, 2009

Why Buy Loose Diamonds

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No matter how small, even a chip of Loose Diamond can be used tastefully to create that extra pizzaz on a piece of jewelry. If you are in the market to buy loose diamonds, the process isn't as complicated as one might think, especially if you are looking for quality stones priced over $2,000. Just follow these steps, and you can be confident in your diamond jewelry purchase:

  • Establish a budget target, then establish a 5% budget range. If your budget target is $5000, then your budget range should be between $4750-$5250.
  • Decide on the shape of diamond that you want. Common shapes are round, princess, emerald, oval, radiant, baguette, marquise, pear, and trillion.
  • Decide on the carat size. Usually, the magic number is 1 carat. Anything larger increases her bragging rights and the envy of all her bridesmaids.
  • Then find the best color/clarity loose diamond that meets your budget requirement and carat requirement. At worst, the color should be HI and the clarity should be SI2. If you can't tell the difference between a HI/SI2 diamond and a perfect one that is twice as expensive, neither can she nor her friends. Do not be fooled into buying a 2 carat rock that is yellowish and doesn't sparkle, just because it is big.
  • So you have your budget, shape, size, and quality. Now shop around with various jewelers who provide a GIA or EGL certificate. When comparing different jewelers, try to keep as many variables as close to each other as possible, so you are comparing apples to apples.

Certified Loose Diamonds For Sale ROUND DIAMOND: Learn why loose Diamonds account for more than 75% of the diamonds sold today.
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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Buy Loose Diamonds For Sale Online

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You can find a whole range of loose diamonds for sale ranging in shapes, sizes, and colors. Different styles are applied to these diamonds in order to attract customers. The most important advantage of buying loose diamonds is that they can be brought directly from the manufacturers and owners. You can save nearly 30 percent of your money thereby reducing your cost.

Loose Diamonds, Discounted Diamonds, Certified Loose Diamonds for SALE. Purchase engagement rings, certified loose diamonds. Loose Heart Shaped Diamonds for Sale & 2 ct Heart Cut Diamond Engagement Ring HEART DIAMOND: Amazing collection of loose heart-shaped diamonds of all sizes. Learn why loose Diamonds account for more than 75% of the diamonds sold today. Loose Princess Cut Diamonds For Sale: 1, 2 Ct Ideal Princess Cut Loose Diamonds. Buying 1, 2 Carat Certified Loose Diamonds For Sale on a online store.
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